Well that was interesting!!

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          “Kicks at the snow a bit as I kneel in front of my bike”  Hmm, that was an interesting trip. 

          Here I am approaching my 6th year in Secondlife.  Three of those years were spent with a lovely lady. Recently though I came in to find a Dear Sten notecard on the subject of how we had drifted apart, how I didn’t change my clothes enough in SL, etc etc.   Upon the reception of my notecard I checked and realized I had been erased from her profile, from her Flickr page and from her blog.  Interesting….

         After packing my items up and moving to a new home I sat back and realized, I wasn’t to bothered by anything that happened. Granted my RL had interfered because of crazy work hours but I looked back and saw how many times I came in to have her busy with her blogs or her RL called here away  as soon as i logged in. It made me realize that we both fault.  It takes 2 to Tango!  Zero communication. 

        Life goes on.  My items are now at a new location and here I find myself back at Image Essentials  using the props here and wandering the new but smaller store. I do miss the woods that were here complete with Raptor dinosaurs but Kay Weston had to make some changes and downsized a bit. If you ever use the faculties here, please leave a tip in the tip jars. Helps to show Kay that you appreciate what she built.

      Since I got a bit of a taste of blogging from my Ex I decided to do one myself. Will be just me exploring the wonders of SL and taking my amateur pics….lol  I’m sure I will get better as I learn to use the editing programs but I don’t see Photoshop in my buying future.   I’ll try to find places new and offbeat that you don’t usually see in blogs.  Let me know if there is something you want to see!!

  Have fun and enjoy life while you can!!     Sten Mystique

#Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.21
.:EMO-tions:. * ROBBIE*2 s
::ROC:: Boat Shoes Male_Classic / Other Feet_L
::ROC:: Boat Shoes Male_Classic / Other Feet_R
CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v3.0
Jorge Pants – David
Miles Long Sleave Shirt – David
NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body HUD
NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body V1.2.6
piercing Cheese Multi Hoop Earring
-Labyrinth- Tylar Catwa [Daniel] Bento Shape (new)
-Labyrinth- Mesh Head Skin (Tanned) -Trail Hair
-Labyrinth- Tylar Catwa [Daniel] Bento Eyebrows
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes